The following are a list of tasks that the school would like completed (as at 2014-05). If anyone has
the skills to do this work, or time to take a look at the tasks and assess the expense and/or effort,
then that would be extremely helpful. There are probably lots of other maintenance tasks around the
school ground. If something catches your eye, please let us know.

Making shelves for the new maths store room
Painting the new maths store room
Helping set up a new space for the P&C storage (maybe at the Pre-School?)
Painting handball courts and repainting games
Frog pond bridge replacement
Repair and/or replace the rotting wooden seats in the playground
Build-up of the sand pit area surround to keep the sand in
Painting of the front office area
Creating a store room for the musical instruments
Work with Margaret Goss to sort out costumes
Work with Narelle Derwent to sort out musical instruments